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Message from our Director of Religious Education

So Many Choices-
Often followed by, "so little time". I hear this much more often around UUCOV as we head into our January-April time of year. So, I invite all of us: say itWilliamsJaye250 loud, say it softly, out of the side of our mouth, with glee, through gritted teeth, and with joy in our hearts. So many choices, so little time!
I find myself in a constant mental looping "cost/benefit analysis" of these many choices presented for my attention during the season. It goes something like: "Will it really be worth my time?" "If I leave that program early, maybe I can do both." "This program sounds so fun, but shouldn't I staff the table on that vital political issue instead?" "With the traffic the way it is now, it's going to take forever to get up/down to that program."
I am inviting myself to shut down that mental loop in 2018 and to choose to trust that I will make wise choices involving my time. I will be in attendance where I am supposed to be and I will be mindful of how I benefit from being there.
I look forward to seeing you at UUCOV programming and other opportunities throughout our community. I also look forward to hearing that you chose lunch with a friend, a walk on the beach, time with your kids, or curled up with a book.
Jaye Williams, DRE