YRE on Sundays

Worship Time 


  • Families begin together in our sanctuary.
  • Our children bring donations for the food pantry into the sanctuary.
  • During the service, a Gathering of the Children is held at the front of the church where our minister shares discussion time with the children.
  • The children are sung out of the sanctuary and are led by the teachers and helpers to Asta Linder House where youth religious education is held.
  • Before class begins, teachers and children gather together for our own chalice lighting, reminding us to have an open mind, helping hands, and a loving heart.
  • Family members can pick up their children at Asta Linder House after the social time following the service.

Ages Served

  • Nursery and toddler care are available each Sunday.
  • Elementary- Middle School Youth Religious Education is offered each Sunday during the school year and provides a curriculum incorporating music, movement, stories, and art. Children are separated into smaller learning groups with a teacher and volunteer based on their grade or best fit for the child.
  • High School - Participants explore theology, spirituality, history and other topics through discussion, drama, music, writing and art. Social action projects and rites of passage are a key component of YRE for this age group.

Field Trip Sundays

On a quarterly basis, we provide our youth with the opportunity to go off campus to learn about, explore and gain reverence for the unique environment of southwest Florida. Field trips begin at UUCOV and take place during worship service time.