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Caring and Remembrance

The Caring and Remembrance Team is comprised of the Caring Committee, the Memorial Book Project, and Memorial Plaques.

People who are or know someone who is ill or grieving can contact our Minster Reverend Khleber Van Zandt 313-223-0551, or Caring Committee Chair Bev Morrison - 941-497-6337 or .

Caring Committee

At UUCOV we take our covenantal relationship to one another very seriously. We want to share your joys and sorrows, and we want to help you when you need help if we can.

Everyone at UUCOV is on the Caring Committee! Accordingly, we ask everyone to sign up to be available to do a little -- make an occasional phone call, visit someone in the hospital, drive someone to Sunday service. That way we spread the burden and everyone gets the benefit of giving. The different programs currently in place are described below. Please take a moment to review these, then click HERE to find the sign-up form. This form is for people who are both in need of and willing to offer help. You can bring the completed form to the Welcome Table any Sunday, or mail to the UUCOV office, attention Caring Committee.

Reach Out!
Calls and visits to Members, when friendly companionship can ease the burden of isolation, illness or grief.

Short Term Practical Needs Program
Meals, rides to appointments with doctors, hospitals, or rehabilitation programs, and help with household arrangements, for Members, on a short-term basis, when dealing with illness or post-surgical limitations.

Rides to Sunday Service
Rides to and from Sunday Services and Forums, for Members who are unable to drive.

Caregiver Respite
UUCOV members provide companionship for or monitoring of an ill or elderly person while their primary caregiver takes a much needed break. Members are assigned to serve in pairs, for a 2-3 hour visit once monthly.

UUCOV members are offering caregiver respite to people outside of UUCOV who take the Senior Friendship Center's "Powerful Tools for Cargivers" course. This is a free six-week course to help caregivers take care of themselves.

Buddy Program
Pairs of Members agree to contact each other every day, by email or phone, for check-in or more.

Volunteer from Home Program
Members, especially those who are homebound due to illness or caretaking responsibilities, agree to contribute from home their unique skills and abilities to help with UUCOV committees and activities. This Program is sponsored jointly with the UUCOV Coordinating Council.

Memorial Service Reception Planning
In conjunction with the Minister and the deceased member's
family, and only to the extent requested by the family, the Caring Committee will coordinate Memorial Service logistics and after service refreshments. (The Caring Committee does not plan Memorial Service content.)

For the sign-up form, to either receive or offer help, please click HERE.

Caring and Remembrance Team News

Now Available: Report on Senior Living Alternatives

Copies of the final report of the UUCOV members' visits to Senior Living Facilities in the Venice area (and a file of brochures and flyers about the facilities) is now available in Waters Hall. Included are summary descriptions of each facility and an aggregated evaluation sheet prepared by members. Lynn Stelle notes that the report does not recommend one facility over another, but, she says, "we are hoping it will help readers decide which facilities they personally might wish to visit and look at further. For an electronic copy of the report, please contact Lynn at 919.219.7497 or .