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Coordinating Council

UUCOV has a Committee Council structure to coordinate activities  that share an interest in a specific topic.  The Coordinating Council, whose members serve as team leaders of the individual Committees Councils, consists of 10 individuals plus the UUCOV Board of Trustees Vice President who serves as Chair.  These individuals represent the following Committee Councils:  Administration, Caring and RememberingCommunications, Finance, Lifespan EducationMembership, Physical Plant, Social Activities, Social Justice, and Sunday Morning Experience.

The duties of the Coordinating Council are to 1) improve coordination between committees, 2) facilitate the strategic planning process, 3) ensure integration of program planning and financial planning, 4) ensure board policies are implemented at the committee level, and 5) identify issues or concerns that need board attention.

Each Council Team Leader has responsibility for meeting with their designated committee(s) and/or committee chairs so as to be knowledgeable regarding their specific area of interest.  The Vice President conducts monthly meetings with the chairs of the Councils and shares decisions that have been made by the Board of Trustees.  Council Team Leaders bring issues or concerns to the meeting that are then shared by the Vice President with the Board of Trustees.  All meetings of the Coordinating Council are open to any who are interested in attending.

Coordinating Council News

Creative Thinking Caps On!

thinking-capThe Coordinating Council is working on developing an idea for an artistic design that is specific to UUCOV. We will continue to use, as do most UU congregations, the UUA logo which is a stylized chalice. And we are hoping, in addition, to come up with an image specific to UUCOV that we can use on our GA banner - which needs updating - and, perhaps, in our sanctuary as well.

Something that depicts us or that says what we stand for or who we are. Some congregations use a design that represents a part of their grounds or building. Some use a design from their town. Some of our songs suggest art designs such as roots, trees, earth. If an image or theme occurs to you, please submit your idea to Linda Underwood this summer at . It does not have to be a finished design. Just an idea that can be worked into different forms. Thank you.

The Coordinating Council

At UUCOV, we have a Coordinating Council you need to know about. Why? Because if you have a question or an idea, or you would like to volunteer in a specific area, or something is of concern to you, a Council Team Leader is the person to go to.

All the committees of UUCOV are organized into eleven Teams. The Team Leaders, appointed by the board to serve for one year, make up the Council and meet monthly with an agenda and minutes. The Council is chaired by the Vice President of the Board, presently Linda Underwood. If you wish to add an item to the agenda, send that information to her. You can read the minutes on our website or on the lanai bulletin board. The Counci meets the second Tuesday of the month. Visitors are welcome.

As we grow, it is harder to know everything and everyone and to keep track and participate in all that is offered at UUCOV. It is our goal to keep communication open and transparent, with information easily available

UUCOV is fortunate to have volunteers who give generously of their time and talent; current Team Leaders are:

  • Administration, Dave Lyon - Denominational affairs, personnel, strategic planning
  • Caring and Remembrance, Bev Morrison - Caring committee, memorial wall
  • Communications, Tom Voigt - Website, monthly Connection, weekly Happenings, publicity, brochures
  • Fiscal Team, Joel Morrison - Finance, Endowment,  Fundraising,  Stewardship, Legacy Friends
  • Lifespan Education, Jaye Williams - Youth Religious Education, Adult Religious Education, Spiritual Fellowship Groups, Interest groups
  • Physical Plant, Bill Dowling - Grounds maintenance, building maintenance, A/V and telecom equipment
  • Social Activities, Eileen and Steve Leapley
  • Social Justice, Marty King - Green Sanctuary, Interweave, Community Outreach, Common Good
  • Sunday Morning Experience, Lori Baribeault - Worship, music, ushers/greeters, Sunday social time
  • Welcome/Membership, Claire Harrison - Welcome Table, Pathways to Membership