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Gifts and Donations

In addition to annual pledges to support the ongoing work of the congregation, there are several other ways to support our financial needs:

  • Special offerings for operations.  From time to time, special offerings are taken and earmarked for a particular purpose.  Several months each year, we also have a 50/50 offering on the first Sunday of the month.  For those offerings, one half of the unrestricted offering is shared with a worthy community partner to support a vital community need.
  • Memorial Gifts are a wonderful way to honor a loved one, friend or fellow member of  UUCOV at their passing.  Such gifts are added to the UUCOV Endowment and are used to support the operating needs of the congregation.
  • Endowment Gifts are added to the UUCOV Endowment and the principal amount is retained in perpetuity to support the Congregation.  Some portion of earnings and income is used annually to support the budget.  Larger gifts may be for a named purpose and restricted to a particular purpose or need.
  • Capital Gifts are those gifts intended for the purchase, maintenance or upkeep of our physical facilities, grounds, furniture and equipment.  Typically, such gifts are in response to a specific appeal—such as a campaign for a new building, addition, or renovation. 
  • Restricted Gifts are any gift that is designated by the donor for a particular purpose.  Such gifts may be expended or retained in the UUCOV Endowment.  The Congregation reserves the right to accept only gifts whose restrictions are in keeping with our needs and plans.
  • Tangible Gifts are any gift of a physical asset and may include art, furniture, real estate or other valuable items.  If you wish to donate such an item, please contact UUCOV in advance as we can accept only a limited number of such items. 

Gifts and Donations News

Memorial Gifts

The Memorial Gift Committee receives and acknowledges contributions made to UUCOV in memory of a deceased. You'll find gift forms on the lanai, at the UUCOV office, or by calling Theresa Hake at 941-480-1401.  On receiving a donation and this form, a note of appreciation is sent to the donor, acknowledging the amount and date of the gift. Memorial gifts which are for a restricted or special purpose, or which are of real property or other non-monetary nature, will first be referred to the Board of Directors for disposition. After acceptance by the Board of a restricted gift or property a letter of appreciation will be sent to the donor.