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Committee News

Below lists the most recent committee news as published in the Connection. To view news by category, choose the appropriate council link to the left.  Each council page provides a description of what that council covers and lists published articles for that council.

Lifespan Education and Social Justice news is not included. For those items, go to their webpages by clicking on the menu above.

NEW: Neighborhood Gatherings

Have you heard anyone declare, “I don’t recognize anyone at UUCOV anymore. There are so many new people!” Or, how about, “I know I am new, but how do I sort out some of the faces so I can match them to some names?”
The Caring and Remembrance Team has heard these comments and is introducing “Neighborhood Gatherings.” These are intended to be opportunities to spend a little time with a person from UUCOV who lives relatively near to you. A “Gathering” can be anything: coffee and dessert, a glass of wine, a walk in the neighborhood. The host will choose the date, the time, the event. The only thing prescribed is the guests, who are on a list of those who live nearby.
At the initial meeting, the host will distribute a list of everyone included in the group, along with contact information. Any subsequent meetings of the group will be up to the people on that list.
How do you get on a list? You have already been included if you were in the last UUCOV Directory. If you were not, please contact Bev Morrison, Leader of the Caring and Remembrance Team,   or 941-497-6337. The names of those in each Neighborhood Gathering will be distributed to the initial host of the group in the week after Thanksgiving. Watch for your invitation to meet at least one new person who lives near you!

Our Journey to a Mission

Mission StatementOur journey towards a new mission statement has been launched. The Mission Task Force did a yeoman’s job of working for several months to propose a refreshed mission to the congregation. This revised mission is on the screen on Sundays and was in the November Connection.
A series of open meetings was planned to review the proposal and the first one, held in Nov, was attended by a small but determined group who discussed why they are here at UUCOV - their individual missions and their desires re the collective mission. We also practiced relating to each proposed wording using a consensus-building principle, i.e. to check whether.a proposed statement , while not perhaps a perfect fit for us, is one in which our individual goals are reflected enough that we feel in alignment with it.
The Task Force will use what we have learned to further refine our statement of purpose. If this is of interest to you, please participate in the conversation. Our next mission conversation will be Wednesday, December 6th, at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.

Tip of the Hat

Tip of the Hat provides a place for each of us to express recognition of or thanks to others in the congregation. You might ‘tip your hat’ to a group, a team,tip of the hat or an individual. If you have a submission for this column please email it to the editor, Leie Carmody, with “tip of the hat” in the subject line. Your message should include who is being recognized or thanked.

To Ruth Boysworth and Francie Storey. Kudos to both of you who recently spent 2 hours cleaning the sanctuary kitchen! --Pat Wellington

To Leie Carmody, Brad Jenkins, Bruce King, Marty King, John McGuire, Richard Palmer, Dale Povenmire, and Bill Wolfers. The very popular Sunday ARE series which ran from April-November, Cycles of American Political Thought, could not have been presented without your dedicated assistance as moderators. Thank you all!! --Jaye Williams

To Trudy Jacoby. Thank you for the many years of your leadership to the Community Outreach Program in the Social Justice Team. It is through your leadership that UUCOV is actively supporting the hungry, the homeless, and children. Thank you.--Coordinating Council.

 Campus Team BenchesTo Dave Williams, Dick Smith, Ken Boysworth, Hal Schaeffer, Jim Beckwith, John McGuire and Bill Dowling, Hats off to you, Campus Crew, for showing up with one day’s notice to put the VERY heavy benches together so all the congregation could enjoy them. --The Board

Looking for a Special Person

HandsRaisedAre you familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order? Do you have experience with these rules in meetings?

Please, please contact Dave Lyon at or 765-215-4329.

What is General Assembly?

2017GAGeneral Assembly (GA) is the annual national gathering of UUs to conduct business, learn, sing, listen to really good speakers and be totally inspired. So, who goes? And what happens there? And what does it cost? How long does it last? What do you actually do?

These and any other questions will be answered in an informal Q & A in Water’s Hall on Saturday, February 18th, 1-2pm and Monday, February 20th, 4-5pm. So, stop by....find out more. This year’s GA will be in New Orleans, LA!! ...this GA will be not only close, but at a terrific venue.

For Adult Eyes Only

greetingNow’s the time, folks! Ignore the good advice you heard as a child. TALK TO STRANGERS. On Sunday mornings and at any UUCOV event, – members and friends alike - do the opposite of what you were taught. TALK TO STRANGERS!

Too often, we hear, “I was a visitor one Sunday morning and while everyone was hugging and chatting around me, no one talked to me”. That is a tough thing for one to hear when we are striving so hard to be the welcoming and loving congregation that we think we are. But we are not always welcoming to everyone. So once you sit down, please, say hello to the persons sitting next to you whether you know them or not. It is everyone’s challenge/pleasure to talk to strangers at UUCOV. If you are visitor, say hello. If you are a member, tell a strangers you are glad to see them. Don’t listen to your mother – talk to strangers.

Creative Thinking Caps On!

thinking-capThe Coordinating Council is working on developing an idea for an artistic design that is specific to UUCOV. We will continue to use, as do most UU congregations, the UUA logo which is a stylized chalice. And we are hoping, in addition, to come up with an image specific to UUCOV that we can use on our GA banner - which needs updating - and, perhaps, in our sanctuary as well.

Something that depicts us or that says what we stand for or who we are. Some congregations use a design that represents a part of their grounds or building. Some use a design from their town. Some of our songs suggest art designs such as roots, trees, earth. If an image or theme occurs to you, please submit your idea to Linda Underwood this summer at . It does not have to be a finished design. Just an idea that can be worked into different forms. Thank you.

The Coordinating Council

At UUCOV, we have a Coordinating Council you need to know about. Why? Because if you have a question or an idea, or you would like to volunteer in a specific area, or something is of concern to you, a Council Team Leader is the person to go to.

All the committees of UUCOV are organized into eleven Teams. The Team Leaders, appointed by the board to serve for one year, make up the Council and meet monthly with an agenda and minutes. The Council is chaired by the Vice President of the Board, presently Linda Underwood. If you wish to add an item to the agenda, send that information to her. You can read the minutes on our website or on the lanai bulletin board. The Counci meets the second Tuesday of the month. Visitors are welcome.

As we grow, it is harder to know everything and everyone and to keep track and participate in all that is offered at UUCOV. It is our goal to keep communication open and transparent, with information easily available

UUCOV is fortunate to have volunteers who give generously of their time and talent; current Team Leaders are:

  • Administration, Dave Lyon - Denominational affairs, personnel, strategic planning
  • Caring and Remembrance, Bev Morrison - Caring committee, memorial wall
  • Communications, Tom Voigt - Website, monthly Connection, weekly Happenings, publicity, brochures
  • Fiscal Team, Joel Morrison - Finance, Endowment,  Fundraising,  Stewardship, Legacy Friends
  • Lifespan Education, Jaye Williams - Youth Religious Education, Adult Religious Education, Spiritual Fellowship Groups, Interest groups
  • Physical Plant, Bill Dowling - Grounds maintenance, building maintenance, A/V and telecom equipment
  • Social Activities, Eileen and Steve Leapley
  • Social Justice, Marty King - Green Sanctuary, Interweave, Community Outreach, Common Good
  • Sunday Morning Experience, Lori Baribeault - Worship, music, ushers/greeters, Sunday social time
  • Welcome/Membership, Claire Harrison - Welcome Table, Pathways to Membership

Gosh! What’s the difference?

newsAt this very moment, you are reading the monthly UUCOV newsletter. It is called Connection. (Notice it has no ‘s’)

Each Friday, you are emailed a bulletin, reminding you of timely events and other items of interest. It is called Happenings. (And yes, it has an ‘s’)

Team leaders, committee chairs, Board members, the Minister all submit articles and notices for inclusion in Connection; they are sent to  and forwarded to the editor. You are invited to express your views via a Letter to the Editor, 325 word maximum, please.

Meet More New Members

JewettDonnaDonna Jewett grew up in Hingham, MA., joined the Old Ship Unitarian church as a teenager in the 1950’s. Her family spent summers on Cape Cod and later her parents spent winters in the FL keys. She graduated from UVM in Home Economics and taught 7-12 grades in Littleton, Ma. While also getting a Master’s degree at Framingham State College. She married young, divorced after 16 yrs. and later met her “soul mate”, Dave Jewett. They discovered that they were both UU’s. She started her own business as nutritional consultant teaming up with Shaklee Corporation and also loved to share the environmentally friendly products with so many people.

In 2000, they moved to Cape Cod and joined the UU Fellowship in Falmouth. She also was involved in garden clubs, and environmentally active community groups. Her hobbies include tennis, kayaking, swimming, and nature walks. Today, they have a large organic garden and solar heated greenhouse with hydroponics and are 95% off the grid! They are continuing D&D Healthy Solutions business to help others with their health, wealth and the environment. Together they have 18 grandchildren! Dave has 3 biological kids and 7 adopted, Donna‘s daughter is also adopted.

They enjoy being snowbirds here in Englewood FL esp. at The Open Studio where we can grow their own food and enjoy the arts! She says: “I’m especially glad we found another “family” at UUCOV that reflects so many of my values and beliefs.”

JewettDavidDonnaDave Jewett grew up in the woods in East Taunton, MA. After graduating from Harvard in Biology, he became an experimental scientist/engineer. He has worked in vitamin research and various physical chemistry projects related to batteries and fuel cells. He spent about 20 years developing silicon materials for solar cells and another 20 years reducing the costs of LED substrates. He is presently working with his wife, Donna in D&D Healthy Solutions promoting healthier and greener lifestyles. Dave became a Unitarian in 1945 and is presently active in the UUFF in Falmouth, MA.

AmorelloNanNan Amorello - I was educated at Arlington Technical Institute and retired after 26 years as a programmer/analyst. For my second career, I earned a BS in Early Education and Early Intervention from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and taught pre-kindergarten until retirement in 2010.

Married to Al for 47 years, we have two children, five grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. I have volunteered with various church and community project involving families, young children and young mothers and hope to continue here in Venice. My hobbies include sewing, knitting, reading and walking.

Pat Franks - I grew up on a farm in Illinois. I received my Ph.D. in Zoology many years later from Rutgers in New Jersey, and after completing Post-Doctoral training at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I moved to Toronto Ontario Canada where I lived and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. I returned to New Jersey and continued my career in the pharmaceutical industry until retirement a few years ago. During my working years, I travelled widely in Canada, to Europe, South American and the near East. I moved to Florida as a full time resident 2 winters ago. I am an active gardener, love to bird and be out in nature, and enjoy volunteering at UUCOV. I have two daughters, one in Florida and one in New Jersey and five grandchildren. Although I live in Florida year round, I do try to return to my beloved Illinois each year.

Interested in Joining the Choir?

choir-clipartChoir rehearsals meet every Thursday 7:30 - 9:00 pm Sept - May. If you would like to join the choir or have other musical talents you would like to share, contact our Minister, Rev. Khleber Van Zandt, at .