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From the Board

The UUCOV Board is the governing body of our congregation. They provide guidance and policies that help our congregation grow and function in a manner that is in accordance with our seven principles.

2016-2017 UUCOV Board


From left: Donna Schafer, Secretary; Rev. Khleber Van Zandt, Minister;  Peter Hurley, Treasurer; Dave Lyon, President; Linda Underwood, Vice President, Richard palmer, Trustee; Elaine Carlson, Trustee, Linda Kabo, Trustee 

From the Board News

For the Future: What Do We Want?

On Decembr 12th, at the first congregational conversation about our future, over 40 people came together to share their visions for our long range planning. The visions, concerns, hopes are captured below and ordered under the several themes of our mission.
Pursuit of Justice:
• Need more focus in our work with social justice projects
• Support/buy/rehab a local house to offer Section 8 housing opportunities
• Are we a social service agency or a congregation???
• Work with other community groups on public housing
• Publicize results of our social service projects.
• New projects need sufficient volunteers, don’t bite off more than we can support.
Spiritual Growth:
• Need to balance our spiritual work with our social justice focus
• Build a labyrinth for meditative walking
• Record/live stream the whole service
• Difficulty recruiting guest ministers for two services
Loving/Welcoming Community:
• Strengthen our endowment
• Respond to the hearing impaired members - Add a T-coil or loop system in the sanctuary for hearing impaired people. Install speakers in the back of the sanctuary
• Diversity is our strength
• Build a Social Hall/ Multipurpose structure with a kitchen large enough to accommodate the congregation
• Any new building should be contiguous to the sanctuary and connected by a covered walkway or square
• Expand the Sanctuary to allow all to attend a single service.
• Hire a consultant
• Hire additional help to maintain grounds
• Add smoke detectors in Sanctuary
• Adjust the air conditioning
• Install canopy for front patio, retractable awning
• Plan to adapt to the world as it will be in five years re our facilities and website
• Pinebrook may become a bus route
• Outsource more –hire an administrator or intern minister to reduce the burden on our minister – or an assistant for Khleber
• Hire an IT person
• Need a larger area for the congregation for audio and visual programs
• Renew our congregational commitment to the Welcoming Congregation
• Tap into the many talents of our members
• Strengthen relationships with members/friends who are seasonal.
• Pay off mortgage.
• Amend by-laws to allow absentee voting
• Improve efficiency of communication-who is doing what, when and where
• Share all the above suggestions in Connection
Use this list to spark your thoughts/imagination/dreams. Your input is needed.
We will have another conversation on UUCOV needs on February 12, 2018 at 1:00 PM in the Sanctuary.

Special Congregational Meeting

Please attend: SPECIAL Congregational Meeting: Saturday, December 2, 2017, 11:00 am in the Sanctuary.
Your Board of Trustees asks for a vote to approve the sale of land to Island Village Montessori School to build a road at our western boundary for delivering and picking up IVMS students. For the safety of our congregants, we must eliminate the daily traffic from our “shell road”. Your attendance and vote is very important. We need a quorum to pass this motion!

Vice President’s Report

UnderwoodLinda150In June, Dave Lyon wrote about our congregation’s Goals for 2016-2017. I had previously written about the ten Teams comprising all UUCOV’s committees, each of which has set its own yearly goals – which support the congregational goals. What does that mean? It means that in different, but important ways, the whole congregation is focused on common efforts.

Throughout the year, the Team Leaders will be working with the Board to refine and accomplish these goals; we want you keep you informed about this process and will find ways to include you in those efforts that capture your interest. Beginning this month, you’ll find under Congregational Life an update on what the Teams are working on.

This month, I want to highlight a big change in Social Events. Social Events is the driving force behind all our fun activities such as Thanksgiving and Spring Dinners, Open Mic, Solstice Celebrations, etc. BUT this year there will be an important big difference. In response to a congregation goal to “Assess our programs to increase focus and depth of congregation involvement”, the Social Events Team, Fiscal Team and the Board are collaborating to the end that future social events will be open to all without charge.

The Board feels that as we ask for increased stewardship from the congregation in full support of UUCOV, we should not ask for additional funds for social activities. This is not a new concept; other congregations have adopted this stance. It is our hope that we will be successful and we are going to give it a try. Thus, we ensure that our social events are open to all. Lack of funds will not keep anyone from attending any UUCOV social event.

-- Linda Underwood

The Social Events Team, chaired by Steve and Eileen Leapley, will be working this summer to come up with an increased social schedule and some differences from past years. You will see events for specific age and interest groups. You will see day activities and evening activities. To get involved with the Team, contact Steve () or Eileen ().