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Minister's Corner

The Music In Us

It’s been a busy few weeks as the holidays loom and then, before you know it, close on the heels of the New Year, the high season will be upon us. AsMusic in Us people have been returning from the north, I’ve had lots of meetings with lots of people, many of them focused on the future of UUCOV and some of them on what kind of music program we need to carry us forward.
Beyond the rumors and false assumptions that seem to be cropping up in many places these days, there has been a lot of discussion about ways to upgrade and expand the music we share on Sunday mornings and maybe even other times of the week.
At meetings one recent evening, four pianists volunteered to take turns accompanying hymns and playing other pieces on Sundays. Also, two choir members agreed to sing a duet on short notice, and the choir put two performances on their calendar that will include our newest choir members. Besides that, several people have offered suggestions for local musicians and groups to invite.
Even with all that, we are just getting started on thinking of ways to add more music to our Sunday mornings.
It is my belief that we ought to include more music from more genres - not just ‘churchy’ music but a wide mix of traditional, folk, rock, and of course classical. And I personally wouldn’t rule out hip-hop if we found the right stuff.
I have a suspicion that there are more folks in the congregation who could provide music for worship, and I want to give them a chance to do so. In the same vein, I know there are more musicians in our area who would come play on Sundays if only we’d invite them to join us, which I believe we ought to do more frequently than we have in the past.
And as important as all these others if not more so, our choir deserves the strongest support available, both in terms of musical accompaniment and choral direction. The membership of our choir has ebbed and flowed over the years; I believe it could flow again if the resources could be provided to help choir members learn something while having fun.
None of these ideas will simply happen. It will take planning and organization; it will take perseverance and commitment; it will require taking risks and trying new things.
And - as many members and friends have made clear - it will take money.
The Stewardship Committee has already talked about making the music program a centerpiece of our annual giving campaign this year. They recognize, along with many of the rest of us, that we cannot build the kind of music program that will inspire and uplift without better financial support.
With hopes, dreams, and plans for a superior music program with an infectious energy and a broad repertoire,
I’ll see you in church,